Second Hand

A True Sign of Excellent Mechanical Engineering Equipment:
A high demand, active and alert market for 'used equipment'
No matter how you analyze the data, the results are identical – Comasco imports and markets excellent mechanical engineering equipment!!!

It is evident from data mining, which shows an increase from year to year, that Comasco's share of the market ranges between 70% - 90% of the entire market (JCB, Potain, backhoe loaders and telescopic tools). And here is another fact to complete the picture – an emerging demand for used equipment. There is no finer testament to the reliability of a tool than an increasing demand to purchase used tools, even after many years of faithful service.
Even with a limited budget you do not have to forgo tool quality and reliability
Comasco offers you two tracks to facilitate equipment acquisition, especially from a budgetary perspective, especially with the knowledge that you will be supplied with a reliable tool that has a high work output and is in good working condition:
Equipment rental – mainly cranes
• Purchase of used equipment – mainly JCB
We purchase used equipment in good working condition from our customers. The tool can be overhauled or specifically tailored to your demands and requirements. The equipment offered for sale is located at our logistic headquarters which is located adjacent to the Comasco management offices in Kochav Yair. You can view the selection after making an appointment in advance. You will receive all the information about the tool including an accurate report on the condition of the tool and its existing systems, the sale price and the cost of any necessary changes which may want to make.
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