Accessibility Declaration

Company offices in Tzur Yigal

Comasco’s offices, located at 1 Hatzur St. in Tzur Yigal, began a procedure of accessibility adjustments to the office building in early 2022, in order to make it accessible to people with disabilities so that they can receive service in an equitable and equal manner.

The current accessibility components in the offices are as follows: a ramp leading from the parking level to the building’s entrance, and an elevator for moving between the various floors in the building. The following accessibility modifications will be implemented in the near future: disabled parking on-site, disabled toilets, and additional accessibility mechanisms identified in the accessibility survey.

Until the physical accessibility adjustments are arranged on site, and for any other questions regarding accessibility, please contact the organization’s accessibility coordinator – Hagit Katz by phone at 09-7499351 or by email –

The Ford truck garage, also located near the offices, was recently opened. This garage includes many accessible adaptations – a handicap space for a tall vehicle in the garage’s parking lots, an accessible toilet and an accessible shower, an accessible elevator, etc. There is continuity of accessibility from the handicapped parking to all service areas open to the general public.

For any question regarding accessibility in the garage, please contact the organization’s accessibility coordinator – by phone at 09-7499351 or by email –


Company Website

Dear user, Comasco Ltd. and/or anyone on its behalf, (hereinafter: “Comasco” and/or “the company”) invests efforts and resources in order to provide its customers with equitable, respectable, accessible and professional service.

The company promotes the issue of accessibility as defined in the accessibility legislation and considers customers with disabilities equal customers, who are entitled to enjoy full accessibility to the company’s properties and services. The company will continue to work to improve the accessibility of the service it provides to its customers.

The Internet is currently the largest repository for freedom of information for all users and disabled users in particular. As such, we place great importance on giving equal opportunity to people with disabilities to use the information presented on the website and enable a better browsing experience.

We strive to ensure that the digital services are accessible to people with disabilities and therefore many resources have been invested in order to facilitate the use of the site for people with disabilities, as much as possible, in the belief that every person deserves the right to live in equality, respect, comfort and independence.

An accessibility menu is available on the website: clicking on the menu allows opening the accessibility buttons. After selecting a topic in the menu, you must wait for the page to load. Browsing in accessibility mode is recommended in the browser which is most popular among surfers, Google Chrome. In other browsers, there may be compatibility problems due to the browsers themselves not being compatible with the standard.

Despite our efforts to enable browsing on an accessible website for all website pages, it is possible that pages will be discovered on the website that have not yet been made accessible or for which the appropriate technological solution has not yet been found. We continue our efforts to improve the site’s accessibility as much as possible, and this is out of a belief and moral obligation to allow the use of the site by the entire population, including people with disabilities. We welcome feedback from our users, if while browsing the site you encountered a particular problem regarding accessibility, we will be happy to receive feedback via our contact us form.


Online parts store

Our online parts store is managed by a third party, which limits our ability to control accessibility. At the same time, we make every effort to respond even in this situation, therefore in any case where you encounter a problem regarding accessibility, please contact us using the contact form, or directly via the organization’s accessibility coordinator – by phone 09-7499351 or by email –