Comasco Potain - the widest and with the highest quality tower and self-erecting cranes

Comasco is the official importer of Potain – the leading cranes manufacture, both tower cranes and self-erecting cranes.

Anyone in the construction industry knows that “the worlds leading crane” title is not enough and must come with the benefits that Potain and Comasco bring to the construction site.

Here are some of the significant benefits:

Every Purpose Crane

More than 40 models of cranes that address perfectly the needs and special features of each construction project and every scope:
private construction, saturated construction, high-rise construction, a site that has many cranes, for quick and easy installation in crowded urban areas, for narrow towers while saving tethering and for Industrialized construction.

In fact, every project has its own Potain: climbing cranes (self-erecting), tower models, large MD-TOPKIT models, MD models, MC and MR models, folding cranes and more.

Highest Quality Cranes

Potain cranes are specially adapted to provide impressive work output, and are outstanding:
In the most advanced control systems, fast setup and disassembly, efficiency, lifting capacity and impressive performance, unmatched reliability.

All of these, accompanied by unparalleled service of Comasco in the crane industry.

Bottom line – these benefits also result in significant financial savings thanks to the high productivity and the uninterrupted work resulting from the low level of maintenance required as a result of crane reliability.

Tower Cranes with Impressive Height Capabilities

No such thing too heavy, no arm is too short – every task is perfectly addressed thanks to the wide range of crane models:

  • 0.6 – 26 ton edge load
  • Maximum load 1.8 – 80 tons
  • Arm length 22 – 85 meters
  • Arm height 21 – 140 meters

Completing the picture is the family of climbing (self-erecting) cranes that rise in height along with the structure and allow finishing work on the lower floors while the upper floors are being built.

A Crane is not Just The Metal!

Here, in Comasco, the official importer of Potain cranes for over four decades – buying or renting a crane is not just the “iron”.

Definitely not. we are here. Serve, assist, guide, direct, advise, be responsible and stand behind the machines and tools we market.

It starts with the location planning and financial planning so you will maximize the crane’s performance at the most affordable cost.

Continuing with professional disassembly and assembly teams and skilled regular maintenance teams to the 24/7 call service.

Our technicians – trained in outain France – and the original spare parts department can deliver any part within hours to up to two days (in case of overseas parts ordering).

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